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Poland Work Permit

The increasing number of foreigners coming to Poland every year proves that it has become an attractive European job market. In order to pursue a professional career here, a work permit is needed. Foreign workers are required to have the proper visas and work permits in Poland, as established by immigration laws. The citizens of many outside EU countries are required to obtain a Polish visa in order to enter and remain in Poland for the specified in visa time. Visas are issued by Polish consulates, after applying for a visa in appropriate Polish Consulate.

Work Permit

1 year Work Permit Card can be extendable


Settlement your family in Schegen Country

Life Style

Excellent Life Style

Travel to
Schengen Countries

Can travel and stay in all 26 Schengen countries

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  • Step 1

    Register the case

    • Passport Scan Copy • Photo 35x45mm White Background

    • National Identity Card / Residence Permit

    • Police Character Certificate / Criminal Record

    • Bank Statement (No transactions required, just closing balance required PKR 400 to 500K)

    Age Between: 18 to 45 years

  • Step 2

    Employement Contract

    Receiving the employement contract

  • Step 3

    Case Filing

    Submission of your documents in polish embassy