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Company Registration in Turkey

Turkey is a country that offers great advantages for investors who want to open a company there. A gateway between Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia, Turkey has a good economy, a liberalized investment climate, and a good taxation regime. Our consultant in Turkey, serving clients from any part of the world looking to expand to the important Turkish market. Our team consists of Turkish company formation consultants, and accountants, who will work together to will help you set up a company in Turkey.



which is the simplest business form and, as such, requires no minimum share capital

Limited Liability

which is preferred by most foreign investors and requires a minimum share capital

Joint Stock

which is usually employed for completing large projects, therefore will require a higher share capital amounting


It is one of the oldest and also one of the most popular types of companies in Turkey

We provide company incorporation services in all of the major cities in Turkey. You can find more information about the company incorporation procedure in the major Turkish cities by placing the mouse over the map.

Reasons to invest in Turkey

  • Turkey has a dynamic economy that attracts numerous foreign investors. It also has a promising economic growth and the country is expected to have one of the fastest-growing economies among the OECD members. Moreover, Turkey encourages foreign direct investments and has a dynamic private sector.

    Good infrastructure and a qualified and competitive workforce are two other key reasons why investors look towards Turkey to base their business. The country also has a favorable tax regime and the government offers incentives and tax benefits to those who open companies in certain free zones. Incentives are also applicable to research and development activities, strategic investments, or large-scale investments.